On a buzzing evening at CST, life seemed normal. People flocking in and out of dogging local trains, commuters thronging the ticket lines as if nectar was being doled out and not tickets.
Small town boy with his father came to Mumbai to get admission in a Medical college. The boy had dreamt to be a doctor all his life. His mother had passed away when he was 2 years old. Since then his father was the only figure he could look up to and derive motivation out of. His father shared the dream of his son and was determined to see him through all the financial and emotional challenges on the way. This little boy had worked hard to get through the selection process and was never ever going to let his father down.
Coming to Mumbai for the first time, they were nervous and excited at the same time. They got down the train and witnessed such a crowded place for the first time, trying to get out of the station before they get lost in the crowd. The boy had never spent a day without his father till then and was incredibly attached emotionally to him.
Suddenly there was chaos in the crowd with the noise of gunning shots coming from the background. Two armed men appeared with guns blasting away at the crowd. Turning hysterical, the father-son duo ran for cover. Just before they could react, a bullet had already slit though his father’s body. The boy was shell-shocked and benumbed. His father was down with blood seeping out of his body. He shouted and cried for help but to no avail. His father was dead. A brutal reality drowning all his dreams into the waters of inevitability. Helpless and distraught he could barely sense anything around him as he saw several such bodies lying around messed up in blood. Life had turned its face on him before he could embark on to his journey of dreams.
After 1.5 years, the debate is still on whether the person who brutally gunned down so many innocent people should be hanged or not. If only this question was asked to this boy who lost his father that day, the answer would have been clear and unequivocal.
The boy is pursuing his medical degree today under a scholarship but deep within his heart is an inexplicable grief and broken heartedness coupled with painful laments. Only he knows how he derives motivation to continue with his life only to rue that incident when he lost his father. Tragic things happen in life with unbearable incidences that make you feel hard done by; one wonders how on earth still LIFE GOES ON!!!

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