Tharoor vs Modi(Resisted a lot but couldn't help posting it)

Welcome to the “Controversy of the year”;
As it overshadowed the Naxal fear.

Lalit Modi had a high-sailing season;
The IPL chief then found derision.

IPL franchisee being added next year;
But the story shifted to a different gear.

Tharoor- the minister of external affairs;
He may be the “Holy Father”; who cares!!.

Tharoor helped ‘Rendezvous’ to the Bid;
Buying Kochi franchisee is what they did.

Now the issue was controversy stricken;
When Lalit Modi tweeted this in open.

Sunanda Pushkar entered the scene;
With 5 % stake , she was the queen.

Close pal of Tharoor as it would seem,
One wonders where she had been.

Tharoor alleged Modi for revealing;
Modi retorted “ That’s what we are dealing!!”

BJP wanted Tharoor to step down,
Tharoor refused to give up the crown.

Narendra Modi supporting Lalit ;
A political gimmick, u may call it.

As if two Modis were not enough;
Sharad Power then entered the club.

Hope thwarted and spirits subdued;
Public is sick of this simmering feud.

The Media is frenzied and going gaga;
Having tested our patience on Sania-Shoaib saga.

What is the logic and where is then sanity;
Energy and effort both drowned in vanity.

Congress party suspecting impropriety;
Dr. Manmohan being the political deity.

Even he never imagined this thing;
That this IPL would one day affect him!!!

Just when u think u’ve heard the latest,
A twist in the episode;perceptions flexed.

Modi suspended , Tharoor resigns;
A bitter experience of equal kind.

As Chirayu Amin glazes the glitter;
Modi wishes he had never joined "Twitter".

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  1. Yeah,twitter is a silly social network to share thoughts at one glance.But the implications of 140 words are far more deadly than other statements in other media.Modi and tharoor erred and they paid for it.See,our good old politicians are smart,they stays away from anything that can harm them.I wish more politicians join the twitter and have some fun with their words.India can have a clean system in 5 years.:P