I'll never stop loving you

I just came around, to your place downtown;
Elated and mirthful, like a jubilant clown.

I just couldn’t resist; couldn’t hold my wish;
For a glimpse of you, and a quiet tryst.

Thinking of you always, I travelled my way;
I just live for you; I can dare say.

Didn’t tell you that; couldn’t let you know;
This desire of mine, couldn’t let it go.

Just moments away, I am saying it true;
When I blinked my eyes; I saw just you.

When I found you there, right in the place;
I froze I swear; left in the daze.

Had a clash in the brain, and a loss of health;
When I saw you there, with someone else.

You didn’t see me there; I lost my feet;
It struck me hard, like a shock defeat.

Why did you do this? I always loved you;
Not a sign of warning, or a roughed clue.

Taking on the chin, I walked away in pain;
And never would I ask for you to explain.

All I want to say is ‘spare a thought for me’;
I am a lost sailor now; in the stormy sea.

Amidst the winds, when I go through;
I can lose myself, but will never stop loving you.