Girl in green

This magic wave I feel within me;
When I look at the picture of you.

As if whole world stopped for me;
I am lost and I don’t have a clue.

Those black pearl eyes of you;
Staring through the picture screen.

The shining thin body of you;
Wrapped around the bottle green.

The silent cute lips of you;
Convey a message of love to me.

The earings not far behind;
Nicely hanging long and free.

The thick hair falling in front;
Trying to make its presence felt.

Covering over the eyebrow end;
Just sums up the cute yourself.


I heard a "YES"

It’s like a feeling I can’t explain;
Like a heartbeat; I can’t restrain

Like heavens opened up on me;
Like a nested bird just set free.

All of sudden, I have the powers;
I imagine myself on a bed of flowers.

Your smile is worth a million dollars;
Like all is simple; there are no miracles.

I feel like jumping up and down;
Like the craziest boy in the town.

Tremor of happiness I feel within me;
This incredible joy and ferocious glee.

Like a current which passes through me;
When I hear your voice so sweet.

It’s a journey now I want to commence;
My happiness now has no bounds no ends.


I am sorry my love

I had all that I prayed, but I gave it away,
I am sorry my love, I just couldn’t hold on to you.

It hurt me a lot, and I was losing the plot,
I was searching for ways; I should have just gone to you.

I was ruing my sin, and was boiling within,
I regret it o’ dear, for lashing it on to you.

In the good old days, we were inseparable mates,
But now all has changed; I am just another man to you.

I was losing my mind, while listening your whines,
I could only despise, the doubts that were born to you.

You got sillier with time, the one who was never mine,
I tried to hold on; in the end I just lost to you.

You never looked back, you were miles ahead,
I tried to catch up, but I couldn’t run out to you.

I don’t really ask, for you to come back,
I walked many miles, for making across to you.

I’ll try to move on, now that you are gone,
I am sorry my love, I just couldn’t hold on to you.

One liners

The doors of opportunities have no keyholes to unlock; they must be knocked down.

There is a very thin line between frienship and love. Crossing over the first does not qualify you as the victor.

Happiness and success are two different things. Some people find happiness in success while some find success in happiness. Never mind the rest.

Whenever I blame others for my failures; it always clicks to me that my present situation is nothing but a manifestation of the cumulative effects of my own deeds in the past.