I am sorry my love

I had all that I prayed, but I gave it away,
I am sorry my love, I just couldn’t hold on to you.

It hurt me a lot, and I was losing the plot,
I was searching for ways; I should have just gone to you.

I was ruing my sin, and was boiling within,
I regret it o’ dear, for lashing it on to you.

In the good old days, we were inseparable mates,
But now all has changed; I am just another man to you.

I was losing my mind, while listening your whines,
I could only despise, the doubts that were born to you.

You got sillier with time, the one who was never mine,
I tried to hold on; in the end I just lost to you.

You never looked back, you were miles ahead,
I tried to catch up, but I couldn’t run out to you.

I don’t really ask, for you to come back,
I walked many miles, for making across to you.

I’ll try to move on, now that you are gone,
I am sorry my love, I just couldn’t hold on to you.


  1. Hey, that was well written. Just an advice, if this is personal... try to move on in life. It helps.

  2. @ Arjit : Thanks for the comments arjit:)