I'll never stop loving you

I just came around, to your place downtown;
Elated and mirthful, like a jubilant clown.

I just couldn’t resist; couldn’t hold my wish;
For a glimpse of you, and a quiet tryst.

Thinking of you always, I travelled my way;
I just live for you; I can dare say.

Didn’t tell you that; couldn’t let you know;
This desire of mine, couldn’t let it go.

Just moments away, I am saying it true;
When I blinked my eyes; I saw just you.

When I found you there, right in the place;
I froze I swear; left in the daze.

Had a clash in the brain, and a loss of health;
When I saw you there, with someone else.

You didn’t see me there; I lost my feet;
It struck me hard, like a shock defeat.

Why did you do this? I always loved you;
Not a sign of warning, or a roughed clue.

Taking on the chin, I walked away in pain;
And never would I ask for you to explain.

All I want to say is ‘spare a thought for me’;
I am a lost sailor now; in the stormy sea.

Amidst the winds, when I go through;
I can lose myself, but will never stop loving you.


  1. Ahh beautiful...
    Angst of a lover..whose lover has left him. Beautifully penned.

  2. Thanks LP and aky for the comments:)

  3. Awwww... There is lot of pain in those words... Very beautifully expressed.
    Thanks for visiting.

  4. Overwhelming and touching... loved your command of the language and the feel and emotions in the poem too...

  5. @ Farila , Coffebean, magiceye: Thanks :)

  6. Oh man,this is quite painful one.Seeing someone so so dear with someother is heartbreaking.For some moments,i was travelling through some un known path and seeing this spectacle in air.Well, nice poetry.If you can change,u to you.It will look even nicer.

  7. @ Nitin : Thanks so much for your valuable comments:).
    Regarding u and You, Well..... changed already. thanks for pointing out.:)

  8. wow!.. Thats a very good one.. I am sure you have a part in this..
    It isn't easy to express this deep without being involved I guess

  9. @ tulip doll: Thanks for the comments tulipdoll. Well, not really,but close:)