How I met your mother-Must watch

This show has to be one of the greatest sitcoms ever. The reason why I am writing about this great American comedy show here is that I cannot have enough of it. It is an amazing piece of direction and comedy which revolves around some of the very fundamental aspects of human life like relationships, commitments, goals, having fun, friendship, quarrels, achievements, happiness, love, affection, break-ups, reconciliation, partying, making mistakes, feeling sorry, but above all being there for each other no matter what, even if it means going through phases where you seem to lose it altogether only to discover that it was a minor scare in a never ending relationship.
The show typifies brilliant situational comedy along with a lot of catchy life changing quotes enunciated especially by Barney who turns out to be my favorite character in the show. Ted and Robin who have been through so many ups and downs in their relationship still manage to co-exist in unity, a situation rarely possible in real life. The humor created by a concoction of crazy sequences along with curiosity regarding who eventually will be the mother of Ted’s children is unparalleled. It just goes to show that life sometimes cannot be perfect and moreover we should never try to make it perfect. We will always end up making mistakes and digging a hole for ourselves sometimes but as long as we understand that imperfections are a part and parcel of life and we are just a living soul destined to witness them, we will start to enjoy them. Lilly and Marshal in the show are great examples of this. Lilly abandoned a 9 year old relationship with Marshal for some stupid desire of hers but made up for it soon, they spent their entire life savings buying an apartment only to learn that it was crooked and many more such situations occurred but there never was a dull moment in their lives and they found happiness in every adversity and it was this quality of theirs which got them through everything. They would share each situation with their friends and find a solution eventually which they call as “taking to the group”. They even once helped Barney to help find the women who was bugging him constantly remembering situations which involved Ted and Robin with Barney on a sketch board which was stolen from Lilly’s kindergarten class by Marshal. Now this epitomizes craziness for sure. The enigma created by director is simply unprecedented and unique. For Ted to do a ‘Rain dance’ to make it rain and prevent Robin going for a date with someone else was simply awesome. Nothing is impossible, really. Ted even sold his newly bought car to help Marshal pay a debt. These are some of the highlights of the show interlinked with brilliant moments of laughter and mini flashbacks which tend to intrigue you even more as Ted narrates to his children his story about how he met his wife and what eventually transpired in his life. He remembers that even though Marshal was his best friend , Barney (portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris) although incredibly crazy also always tried to be his best ‘wingman- as they call it in the show’ or best supporter. He realizes that there is nothing called as ‘best’ or ‘better’ in friendship; it is just that there are ‘best’ or ‘better’ situations, sometimes worst. Ted remembers when he was about to date the most perfect women he had ever imagined but aborted at the last minute as he realized that the more he tried to perfect his life, the more he screwed it up. He discovered that there was an inexplicable fun in making mistakes because the thing about mistakes is that you don’t know them until they are made. Ted missed the flight to his dream job as he went to pull Barney off a train where he was stranded only to be caught by cops. He could look at it as a mistake and rue it for life or he could just let it go and think of it as just another incidence in his life. He chose the latter. As it turned out, if he would have boarded the flight and if Barney would not have been in trouble, he would have never met his wife. So it wasn’t a mistake after all.


  1. i'm a big fan of Barney..........he is a legen-wait for it-dary character.......

    now the 5th season is over too.....and i'm getting restless to watch the 6th.......

    this is the second best American show on my list after FRIENDS

  2. have seen a few episodes and they sure were hilarious...plan to see this series from the neginning :)

  3. @ Hitesh: Yaa Barney is my fav too. The bro code, the platinum rule. Man he rocks:)

  4. @ LP : yaa watching it from the beginning is really what creates magic:)