Dil hain Chotta sa; Chotti si aasha

I am sure all of us remember this beautiful song “Dil hain chota sa”. I think this song has a deeper meaning into our lives suggesting that we all have hearts which desires certain things in life. Of course we all have big dreams of our own but those small little things have their own importance. Things like passing a test and letting parents know about it, receiving calls on birthdays, having a dinner with a close friend, meeting a friend after a long time and talking for hours, taking a peep on your crush(looking for ways to talk to that person) ; exchanging mobile numbers with the person you like and then spending the night imagining all the wonderful things that may follow and so on. All those small little things we derive happiness in which happen every now and then in our lives really make a difference. Of course we have the bigger picture in mind like owning your dream house some day or may be some other dream close to our heart. It’s just as important to enjoy the journey to our dreams as enjoying the destination itself. One always finds the pebbles on the road to the mountain. So, it’s equally important to give the pebble its due . Otherwise small little pebbles hurting on the way may inflict a cumulative pain on the way and we may never reach the mountain at all.

"Koyal ki tarah gaane ka armaan
Bijli ki tarah machloon ye armaan

A beautiful line which signifies freedom to sing like a bird and express like lightning. We enjoy the same freedom in our lives but sometimes we are so caught up in the corporate world that a professional sense of decorum comes to the fore and the natural freedom and instincts take a back seat. We try to present ourselves as individuals bound by the rules and regulations and tend to neglect the small things which make us happy. Happiness is such a relative term though. Someone may find happiness in saving money but for some they only wish if they had money. Someone may be very happy because his son achieved what he always dreamt of but someone may not have senses at all to be happy because he lost them after his son never came back from a war. Happiness spreads like an epidemic and even small little moment of joy or expression of freedom can instigate a positive wave which may travel miles, who knows.

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