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First and foremost, let me confess that I am a cricket fanatic and haven’t missed watching (either highlights or full) even a single IPL game this year. Here are some observations made about this year’s IPL. The six has become “DLF maximum”; catch is now “Karbonn kamal catch”; wicket is “City moment of success” and the drinks break as the “Max mobile time out”, phew!!! Now that’s cool because it’s just another innovative way of advertising. But here’s a little look into what might happen in the future if it continues.


At the Toss:

Ravi Shastri: “Gentlemen, the Tommy Hilfiger time is up. Now time for the ICICI coin toss.”
Saurav Ganguly shouts “Pepsi” as heads. The coin comes down; Ravi Shastri picks up and says to Saurav “Sorry mate it’s Coca Cola. You have lost the toss.”
Ravi Shastri to Sachin: “Congratulations to you for winning the ICICI coin toss. Now you have a Kodak smile on your face. What have you decided?”
Sachin: “We are going to bat first. There is a nice Kelvinator breeze blowing across the ground. Hoping to put a decent D Cold total on the board and restrict them later. “

Match commentary:

Ravi Shastri: “Sunil, I think it’s an Intel intelligent decision to bat first today. I think the Mumbai Indians will win today. What are your ThinkPad thoughts?”
Sunil Gavaskar: “Yes Ravi, I agree with u. The Adidas running between the wickets has certainly improved for the Mumbai Indians and the Kolkata Knight Riders are under tremendous Hawkins pressure now. They will have to play Bisleri safe cricket and keep HDFC life wickets in hand towards the end. But Ganguly’s Lifebuoy men are a Birla Cement super strong team so definitely they can overcome this………. and that’s a Castrol clean strike by Ganguly. What a shot!!!!! Wonderful Nokia connection with the bat. All along the Kurl-on carpet and into the boundary.”

At the presentation ceremony:

Ravi Shastri: “Saurav, welcome to the post match Lijjat papad interview. Now you will have to pull your Jockey socks up after this loss.”
Saurav Ganguly: “Yes u r right Ravi; we played poor cricket. Our team needs some Zandu Balm all rounders now. Players need to play some Bournvita shots in the next game. We certainly have to plan our Nerolac future now.”

Hindi commentary:

Arun lal: Atul; Aaj Kolkata Knight Riders ki Nirma dhulayi hui hain. Aapka kya khayal hain.
Atul Wassan: Bilkul sahi farmaya aapne. Yeh apne shots main Titan ki timing nahi de paa rahe hain. Bade hi Hajmola shots khele hain inhone aaj. Saare batsman Mortein ki tarah dher ho gaye.

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