The moon

Like a mole on the cheek of the earth, so bright;
Cares for the brightness dearth, in the night.

Companions a plenty; millions of stars;
Would never miss the show, after twilight hours.

Guarding the earth, when it rests in peace;
Foiling the fun, when the worlds in sleep.

She’s there for you; she’s there to stay;
Would run with you; if even you run away.

Messenger of god, she’s the angels soul;
To witness the calmness; hear the stories told.

Behaves like human, in so many ways;
Loves turning up different; so willful to change.

Cunning n mischievous has the traits alright.
When needs a holiday; disappears for the night.

Holding forth; the struggles till dawn;
Never cease to believe, till the battle is won.

The strenuous effort, that she truly begun;
Never forgets the end; where she passes the mettle to the sun.