This day of the year-Thank u GOD

This day of the year, I see the might;
As the dreaded fear runs out of sight.
On the valleys of life so widely spread;
Through the width and every breadth.
I can’t believe the feeling I get;
Up on the crest, it feels so right.

Cool air blows by the ear;
Freshness of your innocent soul.
I can feel it on my skin so near;
Here up on the peak in the snow.
For all the good reasons, I vow;
Every inch of the way, I will fight.

Standing midst the serene skies;
Symbols of my endless love.
Waiting for the clouds to clear;
With the mountain birds flying by.
I feel u here, I feel u near;
Everything’s turning dull to bright.

If only it can continue with time;
This came as a blessing of god.
For its God only who can define;
The rationale and the gist of all.
The way u touch my heart o’ dear;
Thank u god, for this gift of mine.

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