Friends for life

When life goes wrong; as it may;
Comes to the fore, when things are astray.

A friend is the one, who has his way;
The glorious way, where the smiles would lay.

Able to listen, the words untold;
For innocent mistakes, he’s there to scold.

Able to see, deep into your heart;
Reads your moves; he has the art.

Able to smell, the fragrance of love;
And lift the drowned spirits above.

Able to feel, your vibes of bliss;
When you search for souls; he’s there amidst.

Able to taste, the essence of friendship;
The architect of life; the way it is.

Inseparable souls, we are today,
It’s only love, no fight or fray;

To grow, prosper, we shall pray;
The friends for life, would never sway.


  1. beautifully penned....
    Though friendship becomes increasingly difficult as you grow older. With the burden of responsibilities there is not much time left for friends.

  2. @ Lazy Pineapple: Thanks so much for your comments.Yaa this is true that there is very little time left for friends, but some friends really touch our lives and are there for you no matter what.
    Once again , thanks for commenting.

  3. Well,friendship is a beautiful relation which is beyond the bonds of blood relations,but stronger and meaningful than anything else.It is a blessing to have one friend who understand you,than having some 100 ornamental relations.Good one.