We are lucky to have a beautiful giant habitation called Earth. Man implemented his intelligence and ingenuity to dig out, deforest, reconstruct and manipulate the earth into a planet full of skyscrapers, nuclear centers, arms and concrete roads which is wonderful from the point of view of technological advancement and sheer brilliance of mankind. Although we have managed to unravel the mysteries of this universe and construct an imposing residence for ourselves; the fact remains that we are still at the mercy of ‘Mother Earth’ if we want to continue living peacefully and uninterrupted for many years to come.
The do’s and don’ts in our everyday life to support the green cause are well known to all of us. It’s just a question of implementing religiously and ensuring a safe haven for our next generations. The government plays a key role in making laws and regulations for the citizens to follow. There is no way to measure or monitor whether we are really reducing the wastage from our households (My dustbin is full everyday); turning off the lights of unoccupied rooms (sometimes I forget); reducing water consumption (I like to have a long shower); reducing tissue paper consumption ( haven’t spent even a single day without them) and so on. We must be true to ourselves and wholeheartedly seize each and every opportunity to reduce wastage. We must take the onus for protecting our planet against possible extinction of resources in the future. It is as much a responsibility of every citizen as it is of the government and the authorities.
We need a breakthrough invention in technology also to help the green cause. Renewable energy resources should be used in as many operations as possible. A solar car can go a long way in establishing measures to reduce gasoline consumption. Experiments have proved that a solar car ( car which works on sunlight) , although may not match the speed and power of gasoline or diesel cars , still can be used as a supplementary source of transport while commuting and driving short distances. Of course it won’t be as thrilling an experience as is with modern day diesel cars but losing valuable fossil fuels in future won’t be thrilling either. Anyway we waste a lot of gasoline on traffic signals particularly in big cities. Tropical countries should use solar energy to the maximum extent possible through devices like solar heater, solar cooker etc. The temperature scales are rising each year which can be used as an advantage for us.
Employees can display green tips on their desks or company logos can carry a green tip apart from the usual advertising caption. Mass awareness is the key to confront this issue effectively. Sometimes we are aware but don’t do anything about it. For example, keeping the computer on standby mode rather than shut down (Standby mode consumes some power) or taking a business trip instead of resolving issues over video conferencing (unnecessary travel). These are the kind of tips we can spread instead of buying T-shirts with fancy catchwords which are inconsequential anyways. The panic button is not switched yet but humankind has known that nature can spring a surprise on us at any point of time and we must be prepared for it. The petroleum products are getting costlier by the day which is related with the number of people using it which in turn relates to core issues of education and social awareness. The only way forward is to use renewable energy resources as much as possible and cut down on the demand for fossil fuels, electricity, water and other forms of energy. Let’s not be selfish and save the generations to come from the blues, quite literally, because the Earth is “mostly blue in color” and we certainly don’t want the Earth to become “all blue in color”.


  1. Good suggestions guru..but at heart I am quite cynical and do not believe that people actually take measures to cut down waste.

    I have seen people talking about conservation and then using plastic carrier bags. I feel that till the time we do not pass some laws and strict fines for breaking those laws we cannot expect humans to actually take efforts in conservation. Some people cannot even take the effort to switch off a leaking tap...

    I think we humans will only learn from our mistakes...when bad fortune actually touches us personally. Sorry, did not mean to rant in your post...

  2. Yes u r rite LP. In india there is acute shortage of water. Power cuts are a part of everyday life.Hope we will value that drop of water saved by turning of the tap some day.
    Thanks for your valuable comments.

  3. i do believe we do need to step up and starting doing things.....especially in the urban cities like Bangalore or Delhi........wastage is too much and also i don't find much been done by the government to avoid it........

    using Solar heater is one basic thing....which can be done....and have seen a lot of them in Bangalore....instead of LPG heaters or electric ones......

    but usage of plastic, i hope these big stores like Big bazzar etc do something to avoid it.......if they can reduce the consumption....then it'll effect positively.....

  4. @ Hitesh : Yaa , Mumbai is not far behind either ....Big bazaar and malls are the biggest culprits.....Hope the government does something about it.

  5. Installation of solar heaters and rain harvesting in all the up coming houses,apartments can go a long way in conservation.