Tharoor vs Modi(Resisted a lot but couldn't help posting it)

Welcome to the “Controversy of the year”;
As it overshadowed the Naxal fear.

Lalit Modi had a high-sailing season;
The IPL chief then found derision.

IPL franchisee being added next year;
But the story shifted to a different gear.

Tharoor- the minister of external affairs;
He may be the “Holy Father”; who cares!!.

Tharoor helped ‘Rendezvous’ to the Bid;
Buying Kochi franchisee is what they did.

Now the issue was controversy stricken;
When Lalit Modi tweeted this in open.

Sunanda Pushkar entered the scene;
With 5 % stake , she was the queen.

Close pal of Tharoor as it would seem,
One wonders where she had been.

Tharoor alleged Modi for revealing;
Modi retorted “ That’s what we are dealing!!”

BJP wanted Tharoor to step down,
Tharoor refused to give up the crown.

Narendra Modi supporting Lalit ;
A political gimmick, u may call it.

As if two Modis were not enough;
Sharad Power then entered the club.

Hope thwarted and spirits subdued;
Public is sick of this simmering feud.

The Media is frenzied and going gaga;
Having tested our patience on Sania-Shoaib saga.

What is the logic and where is then sanity;
Energy and effort both drowned in vanity.

Congress party suspecting impropriety;
Dr. Manmohan being the political deity.

Even he never imagined this thing;
That this IPL would one day affect him!!!

Just when u think u’ve heard the latest,
A twist in the episode;perceptions flexed.

Modi suspended , Tharoor resigns;
A bitter experience of equal kind.

As Chirayu Amin glazes the glitter;
Modi wishes he had never joined "Twitter".


The moon

Like a mole on the cheek of the earth, so bright;
Cares for the brightness dearth, in the night.

Companions a plenty; millions of stars;
Would never miss the show, after twilight hours.

Guarding the earth, when it rests in peace;
Foiling the fun, when the worlds in sleep.

She’s there for you; she’s there to stay;
Would run with you; if even you run away.

Messenger of god, she’s the angels soul;
To witness the calmness; hear the stories told.

Behaves like human, in so many ways;
Loves turning up different; so willful to change.

Cunning n mischievous has the traits alright.
When needs a holiday; disappears for the night.

Holding forth; the struggles till dawn;
Never cease to believe, till the battle is won.

The strenuous effort, that she truly begun;
Never forgets the end; where she passes the mettle to the sun.


A cute story

Hetal and I are great friends and have been colleagues since many years now. We left our home country for jobs. Hetal got married back home while I was still a bachelor then .Time passed very quickly. One day he was back from holidays and was sharing with me the experiences with his infant daughter Bhavya. He would share his fatherhood experiences with me and I never felt the same exceptional emotions he showed while describing Bhavya. He was happier talking about her than any other topic. He was not the same before she came into this world. He seemed a changed person and I liked him that way. He brought his family along with him a year later and we became neighbors. Bhavya was 20 months old then.

Hetal often visited my house with Bhavya. She was the center of attraction as kids always are. She started liking the visits after her initial resistance to meet strange people.She would babble my name hesitantly and that cute enlightening kiddie smile which followed was so adorable. Slowly but surely she discovered a comfort zone around.

Hetal was happy to see me witness the experience he always talked about. I found friendship with Bhavya and she was the most beautiful kid I saw. I would play with her and teach her certain things.

She was a very insistent child. She would pull my hair, mess with the things, spill over liquids and all sorts of crazy things kids do. I love her so much. We were always trying to teach her certain things like holding a pen, draw a smiley etc.

I would take out two pens from my bag; hand over one to her and try to teach her how to write. She would scribble the paper and draw crooked lines crossing well beyond the range of the paper. Next day she would sternly want the same two pens from the bag and it was the same old story. One fine day Bhavya held my hand and looked at me. It was the most wonderful feeling. She led to the same bag and took out the pens herself and gave one to me. She started scribbling as always but I couldn’t concentrate because something had struck me pleasantly. That feeling when she took my hand and wanted me to be with her and teach her like everyday really touched me from within. It was as if a baby angel was walking with me. Her soft little hands and the way she looked at me. As if all the innocence in the world had gathered at that place and she was the only thing I could see. I described to Hetal how special I felt that day and that I would not forget that day ever.

I remembered my father who would mention to me sometimes how stupid little things I did during childhood and that experience meant so much for him. We never see our parents as children but they remember the look of our face and each expression and behavior from the beginning and that is how they can see the child within us no matter how old we get.


IPL future(Sorry,no sponsor for this article)

First and foremost, let me confess that I am a cricket fanatic and haven’t missed watching (either highlights or full) even a single IPL game this year. Here are some observations made about this year’s IPL. The six has become “DLF maximum”; catch is now “Karbonn kamal catch”; wicket is “City moment of success” and the drinks break as the “Max mobile time out”, phew!!! Now that’s cool because it’s just another innovative way of advertising. But here’s a little look into what might happen in the future if it continues.


At the Toss:

Ravi Shastri: “Gentlemen, the Tommy Hilfiger time is up. Now time for the ICICI coin toss.”
Saurav Ganguly shouts “Pepsi” as heads. The coin comes down; Ravi Shastri picks up and says to Saurav “Sorry mate it’s Coca Cola. You have lost the toss.”
Ravi Shastri to Sachin: “Congratulations to you for winning the ICICI coin toss. Now you have a Kodak smile on your face. What have you decided?”
Sachin: “We are going to bat first. There is a nice Kelvinator breeze blowing across the ground. Hoping to put a decent D Cold total on the board and restrict them later. “

Match commentary:

Ravi Shastri: “Sunil, I think it’s an Intel intelligent decision to bat first today. I think the Mumbai Indians will win today. What are your ThinkPad thoughts?”
Sunil Gavaskar: “Yes Ravi, I agree with u. The Adidas running between the wickets has certainly improved for the Mumbai Indians and the Kolkata Knight Riders are under tremendous Hawkins pressure now. They will have to play Bisleri safe cricket and keep HDFC life wickets in hand towards the end. But Ganguly’s Lifebuoy men are a Birla Cement super strong team so definitely they can overcome this………. and that’s a Castrol clean strike by Ganguly. What a shot!!!!! Wonderful Nokia connection with the bat. All along the Kurl-on carpet and into the boundary.”

At the presentation ceremony:

Ravi Shastri: “Saurav, welcome to the post match Lijjat papad interview. Now you will have to pull your Jockey socks up after this loss.”
Saurav Ganguly: “Yes u r right Ravi; we played poor cricket. Our team needs some Zandu Balm all rounders now. Players need to play some Bournvita shots in the next game. We certainly have to plan our Nerolac future now.”

Hindi commentary:

Arun lal: Atul; Aaj Kolkata Knight Riders ki Nirma dhulayi hui hain. Aapka kya khayal hain.
Atul Wassan: Bilkul sahi farmaya aapne. Yeh apne shots main Titan ki timing nahi de paa rahe hain. Bade hi Hajmola shots khele hain inhone aaj. Saare batsman Mortein ki tarah dher ho gaye.



Sania-Shoaib marriage news has been going around for a while now. Really it’s hard to imagine a cross border marriage where one is a struggling cricket player (former captain) and the other arguably one of the most inspirational women sports personalities India has ever produced. Both successful sports figures though in their own right.
Shoaib won the toss and elected to bat on a tricky Hyderabadi pitch. Sania meanwhile was playing cat and mouse Grand Slam match with the media with a full house of “nothing-else-to-do-so-watching-the-match” kind of audience. Sania started the match with a perfect ace making her intentions clear that she wanted none other than Shoaib Malik as her mixed doubles partner. The audience was absolutely stunned as this serve came at the speed of million miles per hour. The match was on and no one in the audience was ready to leave the seat with their eyes firmly rooted to Sania.
Shoaib was going great guns but the turning point in the match was the introduction of Ayesha Siddiqui in the bowling attack. After a long run up she bowled a perfect FIR delivery and appealed for LBW. Shoaib was found plumb in front of the stumps. The police umpire sustained Ayesha Siddiqui’s appeal for LBW and Shoaib was soon shown the pavilion door by Ayesha’s googly. The only option left for Shoaib now was to come back in the second innings and hit a century and win Sania as the Man of the watch award. But it wasn’t going to be easy as Ayesha was in too good a form and was bowling well in the death overs with perfect yorkers. Ayesha’s appeal in the second innings had to be referred to the third umpire sitting in the court pavilion. He pressed the green light to give Shoaib another life. However, Ayesha was found guilty of overstepping and bowling wides several times and finally she was fined for a slow over rate and eventually out of attack as Shoaib heaved a sigh of relief and asked for a drinks break. Shoaib was tired and even asked for a runner but sadly it was overturned by the police umpire. He came out all guns blazing after the drinks break. The running between the Hyderabadi wickets had improved for Shoaib immensely.
He was now taking question bouncers from the media on the full and hitting them for sixes. This would have been a DLF maximum if he was playing in the IPL and certainly a city moment of success for Sania and Shoaib. It was a perfect match with Sania winning the first set and Shoaib was dealing in fours and sixes.
Sania meanwhile was busy tossing volleys and she outsmarted the opposition with her strong backhand. She was running through the court with great energy and defiance. She wasn’t going to make any unforced errors this time. It was advantage Sania in the final game and the match point was well within her grasp. Between games she kept talking to her daddy coach about the match strategy and he had only one advice for her daughter which was to finish the match in this game itself otherwise there were a lot of keen audience members who would intrude the court and pounce on her. Shoaib overcame the nervous nineties and finally hit a six of the final ball to win the match for her princess. He was ecstatic and over the moon but deep down he hoped that Ayesha wouldn’t be a part of the presentation ceremony. He had finally won it for her princess and there it was GAME, SET & MATCH.


Dil hain Chotta sa; Chotti si aasha

I am sure all of us remember this beautiful song “Dil hain chota sa”. I think this song has a deeper meaning into our lives suggesting that we all have hearts which desires certain things in life. Of course we all have big dreams of our own but those small little things have their own importance. Things like passing a test and letting parents know about it, receiving calls on birthdays, having a dinner with a close friend, meeting a friend after a long time and talking for hours, taking a peep on your crush(looking for ways to talk to that person) ; exchanging mobile numbers with the person you like and then spending the night imagining all the wonderful things that may follow and so on. All those small little things we derive happiness in which happen every now and then in our lives really make a difference. Of course we have the bigger picture in mind like owning your dream house some day or may be some other dream close to our heart. It’s just as important to enjoy the journey to our dreams as enjoying the destination itself. One always finds the pebbles on the road to the mountain. So, it’s equally important to give the pebble its due . Otherwise small little pebbles hurting on the way may inflict a cumulative pain on the way and we may never reach the mountain at all.

"Koyal ki tarah gaane ka armaan
Bijli ki tarah machloon ye armaan

A beautiful line which signifies freedom to sing like a bird and express like lightning. We enjoy the same freedom in our lives but sometimes we are so caught up in the corporate world that a professional sense of decorum comes to the fore and the natural freedom and instincts take a back seat. We try to present ourselves as individuals bound by the rules and regulations and tend to neglect the small things which make us happy. Happiness is such a relative term though. Someone may find happiness in saving money but for some they only wish if they had money. Someone may be very happy because his son achieved what he always dreamt of but someone may not have senses at all to be happy because he lost them after his son never came back from a war. Happiness spreads like an epidemic and even small little moment of joy or expression of freedom can instigate a positive wave which may travel miles, who knows.


The beautiful rain

There's a magic waved on Earth's Premise;
When God decides to speak the nature's voice.

Millions of droplets falling ever so steadily;
I wonder how he distributes equally.

Solacing the planet , soothing the pain;
The nature at its best;We call it RAIN!!

Own mysterious ways nature has got;
To enlighten life ; end all draughts.

The showers of blessings, they unite together;
Creating a sight of greatest pleasure.

The fall of stream from heights above;
Signify the might; the God's awe.

Pure ,serene, beautiful as it might;
Might be a carrier for god's wish to express delight.